About us

Andi has been an SV member since 1981 and had been put into helper pants shortly after he had begun to practice training his dog. As a helper and a coach, he experienced first national successes with the male Kim vom Sheraton (dog handler Monika Elser). He became universal sieger in Schleswig,and regional champion of the region LG 13. At the national trial (Bundessiegerpruefung) he won place 13 with 98 points in C.


Andi involvement with the dog sport decreased secondary to change of his work environment which involved long-term stay in foreign countries. The next national successes happened in 1999 with the male Cliff vom Schwedenbrunnen (handler Udo Lux) and placed 15 at the national trial(Bundessiegerpruefung) with 94 points in C. The most successful dog hat Andi had coached and trained in C was the male Glenn von der Huehnergasse (handler Christine Joachimi), 2nd in the national trial (Bundessiegerpruefung) in 2000 with 97 points in C and 11th place at the world trial with 93 points in C. 2001: winner of the 7-country tiral with 94 points in C, and 2nd place at the nationals (Bundessiegerpruefung) with 96 points in C, 5th place at the world trial with 98 points in C. In 2005, Andi trained a Glenn son, who was the regional winner of LG18, Rocky vom Gleisdreieck (handler Werner Mueller) placed 57 at the nationals (Bundessiegerpruefung) with 90 points in C. In addition, Andi trained dogs for the Bundessiegerschau (National conformation show) in protection, for example, Nanda vom Wildsteiger Land, VA8, Osaka von der Noriswand, V2, and Campino von der Piste Trophe, V16 He was able to feel dogs in his sleeve that had substantial influence in the breed. Here are some examples from the past: Palme, Uran, Yago, Yambo( all Wildsteiger Land), Eiko Kirschental and Jeck Noricum, Manto Kahlenbach, Fero Zeutener Himmelreich, Gotthilf Kine, Askia Froschgraben, Karlo Peko Haus, King Koerbelbach, etc.


He was invited to give seminars about dog training because of his successful work as a helper (Germany, Austria, Swizerland, South Africa, and numerous times in the USA). Andis A-litter was born in 1992 and was a conformation (Hochzucht) litter, aftwards he moved into the working lines. The base of our breeding is the E-litter vom Champ. Two males from this litter: Eddy (handler Hans Griesheck) and E.T. (handler Helmut Koenig) were at the nationals. We are currently breeding Evita vom Champ. Additionally, a daughter of Evi vom Champ, Ina vom Poehlberg, lives in our kennel. The E-litter vom Champ derived paternally from Gotthilf Kine (nationalwinner) and maternally from Hexe vom Eschachtal. Hexe is related to Greif vom Herkulesblick and Jola vom Doddo (Nats vom Arolser Holz). Jola is a full sister to Leo vom Doddo (5 x in the Nationals, never placed less than 20) and winner of the world trial (WUSV) in 1990. Evita had passed on her genes superbly, excellent in work (C, numerous times high V, which means vorzueglich which means excellent) and also conformation V rated and KKL 1. Her offspring is also successfully working service dogs( K 9 ). According to the latest genetics, two thirds of her offspring had been registered primarily with a normal, the worst having been almost normal (fast normal as a stamp for evaluation of hips). This is very important to us because health is utmost important to a working class dog.


After Andi won 1st place with Evita at a trial in the US, there were many requests for her puppies. Since Andi is living in Austria at this point, and his original kennel name is only protected in Germany, he used the kennel name von Buschido for Evitas first litter. Half of her litter went to the US and we were extremely lucky that we were able to lease Betty von Buschido, F-litter, last year. Betty, together with two of her puppies, is back in the US since January. Bettys brother, Baxter, is for stud at family Burghardt, as well as Duke vom Andi. It is definitely proof about the quality of our dogs when dog handler travel thousands of kilometers to obtain another dog from us.